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A small child story, which I liked and thought of sharing …….

There once lived a prosperous farmer in central Mexico. His farm produced the best corn and wheat in the country

and that fetched him a lot of money in the market. But there came years when there were no rains. The land grew dry and

the farmer became poor. In fact, he became so poor that he had no money to buy even a loaf of bread for his family. The

desperate man turned to friends but they were as poor as he was. He felt depressed and helpless.

One morning, he woke up early to walk through his fields. The parched land made him weep. He fell to his knees and called

out to God.

“Oh, Great God! I am good, honest and hardworking man. You know that!  But how could you punish me like this? If you could

Just help me a bit… ummmmm, send me a thousand pesos to begin with. I will be okay, I promise I will work hard and be rich

Once again. I know you will not let me donw!”

When he got no response to his plea, he decided to write a letter to God with his request. With childlike eagerness, he handed his

his postcard to the postmaster and went home convinced that God would help.

The postmaster read the letter addressed to God. He was both amused and touched by it. Being a good man, he wanted to help the

farmer. He showed the letter to his colleagues at the post office. They too were impressed by the farmer’s faith. Hence, they all pulled

out their wallets and emptied them on a table. When the postmaster counted the money, it added up to 800 pesos. He put it in an

envelope and sealed it. On the cover he wrote, “ from the God in Heaven” and below that he wrote the farmer’s address before sending

with a postman. He felt happy with himself.

The farmer was ecstatic. His God had not let him down. He quickly opened the envelope and counted the money. Though 200 pesos less

than what he had asked for he was nevertheless very grateful for the divine help. He pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote out his letter

Of thanks.

Dear God,

Thank you very much for your help. I knew you would never let your believers down. I will now be able to come out of this bad situation.

Hope I never have to bother you again.

Thank you once again.

Your faithful follower, Mario

PS: If ever I need money, please send it directly to me. I do not trust the men in the post office. I am sure you had sent me a thousand

Pesos and I suspect the postmaster must have pocketed a couple of hundreds. Never did trust those chaps to be honest……..